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  • Buy or Sell Semi-trucks

    5 Things You Must Know About Semi-trucks

    Semi-trucks, as the name describes, are components of trucks that have an engine, a cab for the driver, and wheels. If you are planning to buy or sell semi-trucks, you must know the following things about semi-trucks. 1) Difference between Commercial Trucks and Semi-trucks Commercial trucks are any kind of trucks that have a powerful engine,…

  • Types Of Highway Trucks

    Different types of trucks serve various purposes in the construction, transport, agriculture, and other industries. The major application of trucks, especially storage or logistic trucks is for transport purposes. Transportation generally happens across cities and states that are connected via highways. And to cover longer distances on highways, these trucks have to be powerful and sturdy. Not…

  • Mechanical excavator

    Heavy Equipment Stolen In Alberta

    RCMP continue to investigate and look for suspects related to the thefts of two items of heavy duty pieces of equipment stolen from two separate rural southern Alberta locations. One incident happened April 21 on a rural property south of Del Bonita near the Canada-United States border. RCMP said unknown individuals entered a rural gravel…

  • Buy Reefer Trailers

    6 Tips For Buying Reefer Trailers

    Reefer trailers are huge, refrigerated trailers, fitted with a cooling apparatus and chemicals for maintaining a cool temperature. These trailers are used to transport food items such as vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, dairy; and non-food items such as flowers, chemicals, photography supplies, and medicinal; and pharmaceutical items such as plasma, human blood, and medicines to…

  • Water Trucks

    What Are Water Trucks Used For?

    Water trucks are heavy duty trucks that carry heavy non-solid loads. The tank and the chassis are specially designed so that it can protect the truck as well as the tank that carries the liquid. Water trucks come in a variety of variants with different tank sizes. The tank size or the capacity of these trucks range…

  • Different Types And Uses Of Tractors

    Initially, tractors were only used for agricultural purposes like plowing and tilling the land. But with the help of advance technology, tractors are being extensively used in the construction industry as well. The newer variants and models of tractors make farming and construction easier. Let’s take a look at some common types of tractors and…

  • Heavy Duty Truck Dealers

    Uses Of Crane Trucks

    As the name suggests, a crane truck consists of a crane that is mounted on a heavy duty truck. This type of mobile crane is the most commonly used type of crane for various purposes. The collapsible and extendable boom, upper, or the lifting component is operated and managed hydraulically. Let’s look at the uses and applications…

  • Buying A Tow Truck

    Tips To Buy A Tow Truck

    Buying a tow truck can be one of the biggest purchases of your life. This is because a tow truck, also known as a wrecker, a breakdown truck, recovery vehicle or a breakdown lorry, is used for towing, lifting, hauling, dragging, and transporting heavy loads like goods and vehicles. If you are thinking about buying a…

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