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    Types And Uses Of Dozers

    Dozers are heavy duty equipment commonly known as bulldozers. They come with a heavy, wide blade that is mounted at the front of the tractor. This blade is used to push the densely compacted material. Not all, but many bulldozers are equipped with a claw-like tool that is mounted on the rear. Earlier bulldozers were…

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    Uses Of Container Storage Trailers

    Container storage trailers are heavy duty trucks that can be used for much more than just storing and moving. Contractors and construction firms, industrial facilities, farmers and agricultural facilities, relocation services, retail and commercial businesses, residential customers, entertainment and hotel groups, government agencies and the military are some groups that enjoy the various benefits of…

  • truckload-trailer-types

    Truckload Trailer Types

    There are numerous types of trailers available today having varied applications. Truckload trailers are heavy duty trailers that are used to load and transport bulky items from one place to the other easily. Truckload trailers are available in different shapes and sizes and also have different uses. Here are various types of trailers you should…

  • septic-truck-tanks

    Tips For Selecting The Right Septic Truck Tank

    Selecting the right septic truck tank is not a difficult task if you know what exactly your needs are. Once you know what the tanker truck is going to be used for, selecting the heavy duty truck will not be a challenge. Although there are different types of tanker trucks available, having the basic features…

  • used-oilfield-trucks

    4 Tips For Purchasing Used Oilfield Trucks

    It is a good idea to invest in used oilfield trucks rather than buying new heavy duty trucks altogether. When you think of buying a used oilfield truck, you have to be more careful so that you don’t get some clunker. Buying used oilfield trucks can help you cut costs and increase productivity, provided you…

  • Heavy Duty Trucks Dealer

    6 Things You Didn’t Know About Semi-Trucks

    Semi-trucks are heavy duty trucks that are used in order to transport passengers, heavy cargo and all kinds of bulky material. Semi-trucks are seen on almost every road, hauling long loaded trailers. From among all the heavy duty trucks, semi-trucks are a real standout in terms of versatility and strength. Semi-trucks are also known as…

  • fire-trucks

    Different Types Of Fire Trucks

    Fire trucks are heavy duty trucks that carry equipment for a wide range of firefighting and rescue tasks. A fire truck is also known as a fire engine, fire appliance, or a fire apparatus. It is a special type of truck that is designed specifically for the purpose of firefighting. The fire trucks are often…

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